In Alberta, everything is possible 

The world is ever-changing, and throughout the past year, Albertans have kept pace by navigating new challenges and celebrating new beginnings together. No matter what each day brings, we have shown one another time and again that support, reassurance and an optimistic outlook are abundant across our great province. 

As the world reopens, ATB is having conversations with Albertans—with our team members, clients, businesses and communities. Realities and circumstances have shifted in the past year, and by learning what’s needed most now, we can continue to refine our offering and operation to promote a better Alberta for all of us to share. As we look to the future, anything is possible.

ATB exists to help Albertans do remarkable things. That foundational philosophy informs every decision we make, fuels every new idea we pursue and inspires us to help people reach their goals every day. If you aspire to be an innovator, have plans as an entrepreneur or are thinking about your future—we’re here for you.

Message from President and CEO

Curtis Stange

Curtis Stange, President and CEO

“Being ready for tomorrow requires curiosity, adaptability and expertise. We know that more volatility and uncertainty are on the horizon but we choose to look at this as a time of incredible possibility and opportunity.”

The Oak and the Reed is an old fable, yet today its message is more timely than ever. The story sees the mighty oak tree stand rigid in the face of a raging storm, only to eventually break and be uprooted in the wind. The reed, on the other hand, expertly navigates around the upheaval, adjusting and adapting to the strong winds, and ultimately survives the storm.  

As I reflect on this past fiscal year, I am confident that our team members, clients and business leaders have much more in common with the resilient reed than the unmoving oak tree. Our strength comes not from rigidity, but flexibility, as we weather the many storms of the pandemic and ongoing economic volatility, and emerge on the other side showing the mettle of our character, forged anew by our shared experiences.

At ATB Financial, thanks to the commitment of more than 5,000 team members, we serve as a much-needed beacon of hope for our clients, bringing new opportunities forward and driving economic recovery here in Alberta and beyond.

Throughout the year, we deepened our expertise and provided our business clients with creative solutions, tailored financial and investment advice and offered quality products and services to help them reach their goals. We dove into the realms of digital innovation and artificial intelligence, forged ahead in the worlds of energy and renewables and showed up as a key player in the environmental, social and governance (ESG) space.

We helped more than 800,000 clients continue to believe in the art of the possible, through a full range of in-person and digital services. With our deep knowledge of the economy and the businesses that drive it, we guided our clients through the tumultuous ups and downs of the volatile market, customizing each experience and keeping their needs and aspirations at the forefront, always.

Knowing that communities are the backbone of our province, we expanded our commitment to ATB’s Greater Good strategy and championed efforts to improve access to mental health supports, education and information and communications. By improving the overall well-being of Albertans, we can help to make it possible for future generations—and ATB—to thrive.

And because our team members are the heart of our organization, we invested in our culture, pledging to become an organization deeply rooted in diversity, inclusion and belonging. We continue to promote mental health and foster a psychologically safe workplace. I am unbelievably proud of the talent within our company, and I’m reminded daily that when you bring together people with expertise, passion and empathy, anything is possible.

With our eyes to the future and in a position of strength, ATB will remain resilient like the reed. We will continue to grow and lean toward opportunities. We’re a team who’s driven to perform and built to explore—mastering new skills, practicing fierce accountability and applying innovative thought to challenges big and small. For us, impact isn’t just an outcome—it’s the foundation of how we do business. 

We are confident that more volatility and uncertainty are on the horizon, but we choose to look at this as a time of incredible possibility. Built to help Albertans, ATB Financial is well-positioned to lead through disruption, spark economic growth and drive meaningful change. 

Our promise to you, through the fable of the oak tree and the reed, is that regardless of the strength of the storm, ATB Financial will always put our clients first, live our purpose and make it possible.

Curtis Stange President and CEO