About This Report


This is ATB’s combined annual and sustainability report. We have combined these reports because we believe that financial results and how we approach ESG issues are deeply interconnected. Within the sustainability section of the report, we identify our material ESG topics and the process used to determine them and communicate our performance quantitatively through a comprehensive consolidated Scorecard section. We define our material ESG topics and describe our approach to managing them in five key sections of the report: Client Obsession, People and Culture, Community Impact, Environment and Governance. 

ATB operates mainly in Alberta. Our ATB Capital Markets Inc., ATB Capital Markets USA Inc. and ATB Private Equity GP Inc. subsidiaries operate through our ATB Business AOE, while ATB Investment Management Inc., ATB Securities Inc. and ATB Insurance Advisors Inc. operate through our ATB Wealth AOE.

We have no specific limitations on the scope or boundary of this report. It reflects ATB’s overall performance and our significant economic, environmental and social impacts on Alberta.

Reporting Period

All activities described in this report were undertaken within fiscal year 2022 (April 1, 2021-March 31, 2022), unless otherwise noted. This report and its contents are updated in May of each year.

Sustainability Reporting

To develop and present our content in a balanced, transparent and clear way, we have used the GRI and the TCFD—two international and widely used sustainability reporting standards and frameworks—to guide our disclosure process. We used the materiality principle, combined with a stakeholder-centric approach, to determine our most significant ESG topics, which are described under Stakeholder Engagement in the sustainability section of this report. The information presented reflects our significant activities and is intended to demonstrate ATB’s performance as a responsible steward of both our business and Alberta. The completeness of the report will enable our stakeholders to accurately assess our performance over the reporting period.

ESG Scorecard Committee

Our ESG Scorecard Advisory Committee represents key areas of ATB, such as finance, sustainability, human resources, risk and client experience. This group led the assessment of the metrics found in the Scorecard section in the sustainability section of the report. 

These metrics measure our performance within each of the five key sustainability sections, with an additional section dedicated to our economic performance. The resulting report showcases ATB’s efforts and sustainability performance for our stakeholders, including our Shareholder and Regulator (the Province of Alberta), our team members and our clients.

To ensure accuracy, members from across the organization have reviewed the data. ATB’s evolving approach to ESG and our Board-approved CSR policy, combined with the understanding of fundamental operations at ATB, helped us to focus our efforts.

Scorecard Committee: Keith Hill, Lisa Huffman, Logan Hutchinson, Jeff Lai, Dawn Mitzner, Erin Stephen and Cody Tousignant.

For questions about the sustainability section of this report, email the Social Impact team at socialimpact@atb.com.